About Us

Julico has been a long established family-orientated business for more than fifty years. It forms a subsidiary of a comprehensive jewellery conglomerate which comprises design, sourcing, manufacture, export and wholesale. Julico focuses on retail and B2B businesses and prides itself on forming a close connection with its valued clientele.

Specialising in the highest-quality gem stones and dazzling diamonds, as well as jade, Julico’s skilled experts create magnificent collections of exquisite fine jewellery pieces acclamined for both their originality and artisitic flair.

Customization is another facet at which Julico shines – crafting an unique piece of jewellery for that special someone or a memorable occasion. Our expertise in artistry covers styles as varied as colours in the rainbow – from stylish to stunning, traditional to trendy, contemporary to chic. Our jewellery delights both the conservative and the avant-garde.